Rishi P – Take A Look Inside (2011)

Take A Look Inside, is the debut album from Rishi P. After five long years of rapping, David “Shadowless” Kennedy a very close friend of Rishi P also another fellow artist and producer of the album suggested that Rishi finally do an album over all original exclusive beats. At first, Rishi didn’t want to put in all the effort in on working on a solo project, since he had never really done a full project like this before. But, one night he was looking back at his past remembering the days of growing up. These thoughts slowly started to influence his album. Rishi began remembering when he was around 14 and how he started noticing “changes” in his mood/behavior. Two years later at the age of 16 he tragically lost his father which indirectly and directly made his mood even worse which led to several problems in high school. A couple years later while in college Rishi, began drinking socially which eventually turned into binge drinking. At the time the alcohol was indirectly numbing his pain from the past and even the present. Little did he know though, this was actually making him worse. Now at the age of 26, Rishi is finally feeling like himself and enjoying life for the first time in about 10 years or so. This album covers his bumpy ride from those days as a 14 year old child noticing “changes” up until his days now as an adult at 26 years old finally letting go of the past and accepting it for what it was. There is no other way to put it other than simply saying it is time for you to “Take A Look Inside” of Rishi P…

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1. Intro
2. Take A Look Inside
3. I’m Sorry
4. Free My Spirit
5. She Should Know
6. Bars Of Pain
7. Dreams
8. Tear it up FT Danchise
9. Alone With You
10. Annoying (skit)
11. Keep It Real
12. Friday Night
13. The Difference ft Shadowless
14. Changes
15. Cant Be Stopped
16. Moving on Ft Shadowless


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