Madd Maxxx – Sex & Violence EP (2014)

01. Sex & Violence 02. Real Sick Hop 03. Carl Panzram 04. Lady Leathel 05. Raccoon City 06. The Horrors of Reality

The FN Spot & Chad Carsten Present: Monsters 2014

1. Shy One – I Am This 2. Donnie Menace – Deadtime Stories 3. Big Rela – A Very Scumbag Halloween ft. Choco Valens & Grimm Gutter 4. Academy – 187 [OG Mix] ft. J Reno 5. Midwest Monsters – Take What’s Mine 6. Rabbid – Sicker Than Sick ft. Masta Rigamortice 7. Trial – [...]

BAD MiND – Land of the Lost 2 (Rare & Unreleased) [2014]

BAD MiND – Land of the Lost (Rare & Unreleased) [2014]

Jordan Royale

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Dichotomy: The Mixtape by Jordan Royale. The first thing that hits you right out of the gate are beats that sound just like they are out of an 80s slasher flick. His gritty sounding vocals pair perfectly. He has a perfect flow that mend the tracks seamlessly. [...]

Parasite Avenue

By Parker Crossworm’s “Parasite Avenue” is here, and is taking the internet by storm. With over 3 times the downloads of his previous album in only a fraction of the time. Parasite Avenue downloads show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The originator of Dirtcore, along with some of the biggest names in [...]


By: Parker( I recently got to talk to Legion of Ill member BW3. How did you get your start? got my serious start senior year in high school trying to memorize a Busta Rhymes rap hah but i wrote a few play raps when i was younger. my first ever rap was called moth fight [...]

Sadistik Ultraviolet Review By Chad Thomas Carsten

Sit back, relax and feel your blood pressure drop, for this is “Ultraviolet”! It’s production will take the soul on a journey, through a peaceful mind bending void, thanks to it’s psychedelic ambient nature. Sadistik’s lyrical brilliance inside Ultraviolet, will indeed satisfy the loyal day oners, but once the unfamiliar discover this release, a new [...]

Dark Half – Self Titled EP [2008]

1. Intro 2. Maniacz 3. Break The Silence 4. K.M.B.H. (ft. Scum) 5. Demons In My Head 6. Outro

MC Kind – Kindlection [2013]

1. Kind Of An Intro 2. My Life 3. Savage Beast ft. FaBreeze Bros 4. Kind & Neebz ft. N3bo 5. Same Shit ft. Durte & H8trid 6. Boulevard 7. Ha, Get Up ft. Phatal & Optymus 8. Da Pression 9. Ghetto ft. Phatal 10. Waste of Time ft. H8trid 11. Darkness ft. SSI & [...]

Optymus – Wreck It Opt [2014]

1. Who Shot Ya(Slaughter 16) 2. Shortyo – Dead and Gone 3. Need Someone 4. King Of The Ring featuring H8trid & ZERO 5. Smoke It Up 6. Hometown featuring Mister Mills & Vital Impulse 7. Somebody I Used To Know 8. F.W.Y.H. featuring FamZ & Natt Frampton 9. Picture Perfect(Throwback Kodak Diss)listen download 10. [...]

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