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Welcome to the fn spot! Here you will find all kinds of free music from almost every underground act possible. All of it is 100% free for anyone to download. All we(us and all the artists) ask is that you pass the word about the site to other people, fans and artist alike. if you’re an artist and would like to have your music posted on the site, track featured on one of our mixtape series, or an interview...

Madd Maxxx – Sex & Violence EP (2014)

Posted 28 Feb 2014 in Downloads, EP's, Madd Maxxx
sex&violence (Large) - PNG

01. Sex & Violence 02. Real Sick Hop 03. Carl Panzram 04. Lady Leathel 05. Raccoon City 06. The Horrors of Reality

Parasite Avenue

Posted 14 Aug 2014 in Crossworm, Dirtcore, Review

By Parker www.facebook.com/willparker84 Crossworm’s “Parasite Avenue” is here, and is taking the internet by storm. With over 3 times the downloads of his previous album in only a fraction of the time. Parasite Avenue downloads show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The originator of Dirtcore, along with some of the biggest names in The Underground(, Lo Key, DurtE, and many others) bring to life an album with a little something for everyone. With its flawless flow, and Crossworm’s Unreplacatible sound, this will be an Underground hit for years to come. If you can’t find a genre that you like on this album, then it does not exist. From industrial to alternative to rock to hip-hop and everything...


Posted 08 Jul 2014 in Interviews

By: Parker(https://www.facebook.com/willparker84) I recently got to talk to Legion of Ill member BW3. How did you get your start? got my serious start senior year in high school trying to memorize a Busta Rhymes rap hah but i wrote a few play raps when i was younger. my first ever rap was called moth fight lol Who were your influences? My influences were Busta Rhymes, and then other than that i just kinda made my own way with everything going on in life When did you get in the game? i started rapping officially about 3 years ago towards the end of 2011 What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment thus far is opening for Chevy...

Sadistik Ultraviolet Review By Chad Thomas Carsten

Posted 27 Jun 2014 in News

Sit back, relax and feel your blood pressure drop, for this is “Ultraviolet”! It’s production will take the soul on a journey, through a peaceful mind bending void, thanks to it’s psychedelic ambient nature. Sadistik’s lyrical brilliance inside Ultraviolet, will indeed satisfy the loyal day oners, but once the unfamiliar discover this release, a new legion all in the name of the rapper’s craft, will emerge. Ultraviolet is by no means a departure from Sadistik’s original Hip-Hop formula, however what makes this release unique, is you can’t really quite guess what is coming next. No track is filler, each track is playable all through. Paying homage to George Orwell,“1984″, contains the Seattle emcee’s most addictive hook to date. Listeners...

Dark Half – Self Titled EP [2008]

Posted 26 May 2014 in Dark Half, Downloads, EP's, Mixtapes

1. Intro 2. Maniacz 3. Break The Silence 4. K.M.B.H. (ft. Scum) 5. Demons In My Head 6. Outro

MC Kind – Kindlection [2013]

Posted 26 May 2014 in Albums, Downloads, DurtE, H8trid, MC Kind, Mixtapes, N3bo, Optymus
Kindlection CD Front small

1. Kind Of An Intro 2. My Life 3. Savage Beast ft. FaBreeze Bros 4. Kind & Neebz ft. N3bo 5. Same Shit ft. Durte & H8trid 6. Boulevard 7. Ha, Get Up ft. Phatal & Optymus 8. Da Pression 9. Ghetto ft. Phatal 10. Waste of Time ft. H8trid 11. Darkness ft. SSI & Sum Bitch 12. Rep It ft. Durte 13. 4 Mom ft. H8trid 14. Fat Kid Dance ft. Optymus 15. But You’re Not ft. S2R 16. Willy Wonked ft. N3bo & H8triss 17. Memory Lane ft. SSI 18. Warhead Flow ft. N3bo, H8trid, Trama & Phatal 19.Sink Or Swim ft. H8trid & Optymus 20. Kind Of An Outro

Optymus – Wreck It Opt [2014]

Posted 26 May 2014 in Albums, Downloads, H8trid, Mixtapes, Optymus, ZERO
Wreck It Opt2

1. Who Shot Ya(Slaughter 16) 2. Shortyo – Dead and Gone 3. Need Someone 4. King Of The Ring featuring H8trid & ZERO 5. Smoke It Up 6. Hometown featuring Mister Mills & Vital Impulse 7. Somebody I Used To Know 8. F.W.Y.H. featuring FamZ & Natt Frampton 9. Picture Perfect(Throwback Kodak Diss)listen download 10. Blood Must Rain featuring Ock Soprano 11. This is War Featuring Mez 12. Odin’s Song 13. Say Yeah featuring P-Dawg & Beast 14. Get Hit featuring DMIZE 15. Doctor Who 16. Brother Joseph – Be a Witness (feat. Judah Dubose) 17. Back On The Road Again 18. Cybertronik Approaches

Redneck Souljers – Shells & Whistles Mixtape [2014]

Posted 26 May 2014 in Downloads, EP's, Mixtapes, Redneck Souljers
Shells & Whistles mixtape cover small

1.Kickoff(Open Season) 2. Bullshittin 3. Home Cookin 4. Tilt Back (ft. WonderBoi) 5. Men In Black 6. Sunrise

MC Motion – Sink or Swim [2014]

Posted 26 May 2014 in Downloads, MC Motion, Mixtapes
00 - MC_Motion_Sink_Or_Swim-front-large

1. Sink 2. High Class 3. I Dream of Robots 4. We Feel Great 5. You Only YOLO Once 6. A Polar Bear Watching Netflix 7. Holly Inside ft. Derrick 8. Snatch Ya Mic 9. Return if Possible Dirty Joe 10. No Holding Back ft. John Wayne 11. Busted Ravioli ft. Adam Labbe 12. Simple Things 13. Fading 14. Swim

Outbreak Monkey – The Residence of Evil 2 (Fun Size Cut) [2014]

Posted 02 May 2014 in Albums, Downloads, EP's, Mixtapes
Residence of Evil 2 (Fun Size Cut) - Cover

01. Download 02. it 03. to 04. find 05. out 06. what 07. tracks 08. Outbreak Monkey 09. let 10. you 11. have 12. for 13. free

Wicked Wisconsin – Underground Jihad [2011]

Posted 21 Apr 2014 in Downloads, Mixtapes

1. Raven Delavega – Wicked Wisco Anthem ft. The DRP 2. Brew City Butcherz – The Battle ft. Dark Half 3. Dark Half – Rape 4. The DRP – Ditch Diggin ft. Mars 5. Leaders of the Lost – Voice of the Street 6. Maniax – Mass Suicide ft. Dark Half 7. MoFoley – Stop, Drop n Smoke ft. Dope Fiend 8. Tha Morgue – K.I.K. It 9. Outbreak Monkey – Old & Dirty ft. Genocide 10. Prolifik – Forever The Greatest ft. The DRP & Intrinzik 11. R.U.G – The Devil Knows Your Dead ft. Kung Fu Vampire 12. Shadow Castaz – Fight Night ft. Mr. Green & Dope Fiend 13. Tha Sickz – Who Is It 14....

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